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Christmas gifting on a budget: 5 ideas to help you save money!

Nearly time for Christmas! You may be starting to worry about shipping deadlines if your shopping list is still lengthy and intimidating (not to mention the state of your bank account come the new year). Don't worry though; we're here to remind you that there are still some very excellent last-minute Christmas gifts available at reasonable prices. Christmas can get pricey! In 2019, the typical American spent $976 only on Christmas presents. That doesn't provide for lodging, dining, or any other festive extras like a tree! Sometimes individuals believe that by purchasing inexpensive Christmas presents, they are saving money, but the reality is that everything quickly adds up.

5 Ideas to help you save money this Christmas:

1. Create a philosophy for giving gifts.

We often advise budgeting as the initial course of action in every situation. We will arrive there. Our first Christmas budgeting advice is to first develop your concept for Christmas gift-giving. How do you define giving? Is it about locating the ideal gifts? Do you spend a lot of money on people in an effort to impress them? Or do you feel compelled to buy gifts for others? These motives—as well as similar ones—can significantly influence how you see the season. Before considering how you're going to pay for them all, be honest with yourself and consider why you're buying gifts.

2. Finances.

Now, setting a budget is how you become the holiday hero. That’s right—if you want to stay on Santa’s pleasant list, set a limit on how much you’re going to spend and adhere to it. 

3. Maintain a spending log.

As a result, a lot of people overspend during the month of December and never review their spending plan. I'll worry about it in January, they simply believe. Here's some advice for you in the future: Don't. Do. That. Keep track of your spending as you go to avoid going over budget this month and the following month.

4. Prefer time to money.

It's the thought that counts, according to an old proverb. Some people actually prefer the idea of spending time together to the delight of receiving a material gift. Being intentional about spending time together—whether it be in person or virtually—can help you save money this year. This year, prioritize talks over clutter and experiences over accessories.

5. Participate in a collective gift.

Just because you're on a budget this year doesn't mean a larger, more expensive present has to be off the menu. Just take someone else up on it. Get the help of your siblings and purchase one sizable gift for your parents.

After all, it is said that caring is sharing.

inexpensive gifts:

1. A photo frame

Photographs serve as both a reminder of the wonderful times we've had together and a source of inspiration for later in the year. A good photo of you and the recipient can be printed out and placed in a picture frame that costs less than $5. You might also print up a motivational saying that you believe will motivate the receiver.

2. Home-cooked meals

Give someone something you've prepared as a gift. All you have to do to make your own food into a gift for Christmas is to add extra servings. By purchasing the food's ingredients in bulk, you can save money.

3. A cookbook

For those who enjoy cooking or are passionate about it, you can look up intriguing recipes online and jot them down in a notebook using vibrant pens. You would simply need a notebook and a few pens for this. There should be a $5 limit on such!

4. A customized playlist

There is no expense associated with giving this ideal present to a music enthusiast. Simply create a playlist with their top musicians, songs, or musical genres by keeping an eye out for them. This present demonstrates an effort to comprehend the recipient's preferences. As an alternative, you may create a playlist of your favorite music and share it with your loved ones. They would think of you each time they listened to the music.

5. Memory scrapbook

Given the conditions of this year, where most nations have experienced some sort of lockdown and in-person interactions have been restricted, receiving a memories scrapbook as a gift might be extremely well received. Printouts of your online chats, tickets for a trip you both took, and any other memento you feel is appropriate can be included in your memories scrapbook. The only supplies you'll need to buy are a notebook, glue, and colored pens.


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