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What to be thankful for as a small business owner

All year long, count your blessings since we all experience periods when we are overwhelmed by the bills we have to pay, the past-due client invoices, and the stress of running a business. We felt that it was crucial to highlight the good facets of our businesses' life in honor of Thanksgiving because there is no shortage of negativity online these days. Whatever your circumstances, you may always find reasons to express gratitude and thanks. If you stop to think about it, there is a lot for an entrepreneur to be grateful for. It's true that there are moments when you'd rather stay in bed than get up and deal with the issues your company may face, but in the end, it's worth it.

Here are some things you should be thankful for as a small business owner:

1. Modularity and Independence

The ability to set our own schedules and prioritize our days as business owners appeals to a lot of us. I plan my schedule around the competitions and performances of my children. This enables me to complete my work while actively participating in their development.

2. Your staff who enable you to accomplish more

Speaking of workers, if you're anything like me, you feel privileged to be surrounded by individuals who share your passion for your company. I credit this to choosing the appropriate employees, who, once you do, enable you to expand your firm so much more quickly.

3. Holidays

Even if we love what we do, let's face it: none of us wants to work every day of the year. Vacations and downtime are crucial to helping us become more balanced and contented businesspeople. And it's wonderful not to have to wonder if we've accumulated enough vacation time. I make it a point to take my family on vacation several times a year, and I am confident that my company can function without me for a few days.

4. Utilizing technology to increase productivity

What would happen if we didn't have smartphones? Twitter? CRM? You can bet that running a business isn't as enjoyable. I enjoy finding new technological advancements that enable me to work more efficiently. Today, more than even five years ago, I can schedule social media updates, check my email, manage client contact information, and write blog posts with ease, freeing me up to do many other crucial tasks.

5. To Work Independently on My Mission

Guy Katabi says: "Don't find a job, find a mission, goes the adage." For him, the goal was to use technology to improve people's lives. After weighing his options, he concluded that the realm of entrepreneurship was the best fit for pursuing his goal. Despite its many difficulties, being independent and having control over your day are more important than any other aspect.

6. Doing What You Love

Who among us hasn't started a business in order to pursue a passion? We are inspired by being surrounded by our passions every day. Even in severe situations, I know that it sustains me.

7. Working remotely from anyplace

If you've ever worked on your laptop while laying in bed, in your backyard, or even in Bali, raise your hand. Don't you enjoy not having to go to your office every day in order to complete your work? When you need a change of environment, I say go for it. If you can work at a nearby coffee shop, then better.

8. The exhilaration of a novel concept

If you've ever worked for someone else (and I bet you have), you probably recall the feeling of having a brilliant new idea only to have your unimaginative employer squash it to oblivion. However, if you're an entrepreneur, you can take that concept and make it a reality. Thrilling.


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