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Meet The Founder

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I didn't intend to be in financial services. Call it destiny or my calling. I graduated as a Biomedical Engineer from Vanderbilt University with the intention of doing Oncology. I however found out that I could not see blood (very interesting story ask me about it). I ended up in IT (another interesting story). During one my my first gigs in IT I realized I had no idea on what to select for my 401k and about savings and investing in general. This got me thinking and searching for solutions...long story short

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I became a part of the financial industry to learn for myself. With my new found knowledge I started to help family and friends casually. Then the Great Recession hit the US market. When most people lost money, all those I help actually were safe and some even grew. Rest became history. This became my new mission to help educate families. This is my way of still providing service to society, no medical doctor but I a a financial doctor. Look forward to chatting with you soon. 

Bringing Intellectual capital typically reserved for multi-Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires to the Mass affluent


Since 2007, I’ve been helping people like you make informed, smart decisions about their retirement planning, children education planning, insurance and much more. 


Bad advice and poor investments costs you time and money, and some agents are just trying to sell you some specific financial product instead of a true plan. Thru Kotini & Kotini, we put together personalized, comprehensive, proactive financial strategy that will exceed your goals.


We have been Demystifying Retirement/Wealth/Investments/Tax Strategies and Making Impact for 15+  years.  We are not after the quantity of clients, we are obsessed with the quality of experience.  We built Kotini & Kotini to provide opportunities which were once only available to multi-billion & multi-million-dollar families

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